Resting Variant


Many inns survive off of shear volume of traders, travelers, and explorer’s that pass through their doors. However, keen adventurer’s know that some inns offer more lavish and luxurious accommodations. While more expensive, the rest offered at these locations can be invaluable in the wilds.

When resting in a high quality inn or similar place, you can restore wells of energy not possible on the open road. When you take a long rest here, you regain all missing hit dice. If a character begins a long rest at full hp and hit dice in such accommodations, they may roll one hit die, highest available if multi-classing, and gain the result plus their con mod as temporary hp. Temporary hp gained this way does stack on previous temporary hp from a similar long rest. The amount of temporary hp gained cannot exceed the difference between the character’s maximum hp and their maximum hp if they had rolled the highest possible value on all hit dice. For quick reference, add a potential hp, in parenthesis, next to your character’s maximum hp. 1 temporary hp from the well rested benefit is lost per long rest not spent in similar accommodations.

For example, the total hp and temporary hp of a character with 5d8 hit dice and a CON modifier of +3 cannot exceed 55. Traveling for 3 days after receiving the maximum well rested bonus, the character’s total hp would be 52.

Resting Variant

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