Selkie Hunting Net

Net, Selkie Hunting (exotic ranged weapon)

Weapon Type Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Hunting Net 50 gp 1d4 1d6 X2 20 ft 8 lbs S See text
Heavy Net 100 gp 1d4 1d6 X2 10 ft 32 lbs S See text.

Weapon ATK DEX Speed Charge /run Concentration Escape Artist Hardness Hp Break DC
Hunting Net -2 -4 Half None DC 15 DC 25 +10* 5 10 27
Heavy Net -3 -6 Half None DC 15 DC 25 +10* 10 10 30

A Selkie Hunting Net is a specialized hunting net built with a longer rope, metal links, and sharp barbs and razors worked into the netting. The hunting net is typically constructed by tribal Selkies when they come of age, though a tribe may sell or trade one under certain circumstances. While marginally more effective than a regular net, Selkie hunting parties use multiple nets to bring down creatures larger than any one could. The hunting net is considered a metal weapon for the purposes of special materials.

The hunting net functions as a regular net, but it can be used against creatures of any size category larger than it. If an entangled creature is two size categories larger, the penalties to attack rolls, dexterity, and the escape artist DC are all halved and the creature can move at its normal speed. If an entangled creature is greater than two size categories larger, it suffers none of the penalties from entanglement. Additional Selkie nets thrown on the target increase the effectible size category by one for each net. The escape artist DC for a selkie net is 25 and increases by 10 for each additional net.

The net is typically used with two hands, but can be thrown with one hand at half range. You threaten an entangled creature if you control the leading end of the rope. As such, you may make melee attacks and attacks of opportunity aganst an entangled creature’s flat-footed AC. You may attempt to control an entangled creature’s movement with an opposed strength check as a normal net. Additional nets allow others to aid you in this check.

If you are not proficient with this weapon, you suffer an attack of opportunity from the net if you attempt to throw it. This attack benefits from all of your attack roll bonuses for this attack and targets you flat-footed AC. Additionally, if you roll a natural 1 when making the ranged attack, immediately make an attack of opportunity against your touch AC. If this attack succeeds, you are entangled by your own net. Good Job.

Net, Selkie Heavy Hunting

Overzealous mainlanders have sought to improve upon the design of the Selkie hunting net. Many of their attempts have failed due to the complexity of the original design. While unable to improve the nature of the weapon, the designers succeeded at constructing a net wholly of metal. The result is the Selkie Heavy Hunting Net.
The selkie heavy hunting net functions as a normal selkie hunting net for most purposes. The weight of a heavy net is significant enough to encumber an entangled creature. The weight of the net is added to the creature’s current load.

Selkie Hunting Net

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