A cool blue twilight descends on the city as you step onto the street.

The bustle has lessened considerably since you ducked inside. The bankers and money lenders have all retired to their suppers and the merchants in the market are closing their stalls. In the distance you see the land gently rise into the night sky, the flickering lights of smaller towns and villages wink into existence against the cerulean twilight of the year’s first phase. While you know these places are dozens of leagues away, you feel as if you could reach out and grasp them with your hand. The land begins to curve further and further over your head as only a few settlements are visible through numerous cloud banks and the glare of their coming dawn. Your vision finally falls on the luminescent, form of the great crystal gate. The aqua tone has almost completely passed across its surface, like a lid closing over a great eye. While you stand enraptured by the cool light for a few moments, a thought begins to fester at the back of your mind. It is time to go. Even though many are beginning to refer to this era as the age of enlightenment, it is still not safe to linger in the streets alone at night.

Welcome to the world of Saroneth, an inter-spherical world not dissimilar from the void inside a ball. The world culture has recently passed into a renaissance like era with the reestablishment of trade and communication between the once disconnected city-states. New thoughts, technologies, and philosophies are passing quickly between city-states. At the center of the world sits the Anu’ Naki, the gate of heaven or the great crystal eye. It is the source of all light and life in the world. Each month its surface passes through a new phase before casting off vast chunks of crystal, most of which dissolves before reaching the surface. While an age of unprecedented knowledge and understanding is quickly developing, the world is a colossal place and the light of the eye does not reach everywhere. Shadows form in opposition to the light and rumors are spreading of savage monsters in the wild and settlements that are left deserted as if everyone stood and left of the same accord.

It is thought that long ago, the world was covered with one civilization, before it was inverted. This civilization grew to a size and technological level that none since have been able to rival. Some think this advancement led the people to think themselves better than the gods. Others believe they revolted against the gods, or possibly a civil war broke out between factions within the society. Whether or not any of these actually occurred, the results cannot be disputed. The world was inverted, the central continent was turned into an uninhabitable wasteland, travel beyond the space of the world and corresponding locations in other planes was made impossible, and the gods left the world. Though they may be gone, remnants of their power still exist in the world. Divine spellcasters still exist. They and many others claim to feel the presence of the former deities emanating from the crystal eye. A crack in the seal on the world, a chance at redemption for those with the wisdom to see it, a reminder of what once was but is out of reach forever, or the warden of this prison. There are as many theories as people in the world.


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