Legacy of the Distant Lords

RuRu post 4-11-15

At Fort Vask and have spoken with a Vitroll. Virtoll has been grimmy and sweaty. Vitroll has a job and claims to be in deep trouble. Two weeks ago, his grown son is moving away from house. Likes to paint the town red. A person in a dark cloak and give him a letter. IN two and half weks and there is an item from the merchants guild. The item of is the size of a bread box. if the guild master does not have the item buy the end of the time his son dies.

About the letter
In the end half a skull on the letter – a group of thugs use this symbol.

Package – coming in the next two days.
deliver to a ship with three torches on the front bow.

about the son – Halvarn age: 17 – apprentice to the black smith.

Gang or Thieves Guild
The market place

Freelancers Guild – Looking for nice quality items’

Warehouse at night to perform.

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